Founded in 1969 - Re-born in 2005

Products Endorsed by Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson

This is one of the nice selection of tops screened with the Wave Trek Logo sold right at the beach. The PaddleAir is a great idea for surfers with back problems, particularly older surfers. It's a vest-type device that works well to relieve back pressure. Try it and you will see a big improvement with your sore back.

The "Turbo Tunnel" represents a breakthrough in fin design and technology. The Turbo gives you longer nose rides with less vibration. Get one and you will see what we mean. Snake is now the East Coast Turbo Performance Team Manager. Mirror Image Photography offers some tremendous coastline photos as well as many Huntington Beach Pier scenes. These are great pictures from an award winning photographer to hang in your shop, home or office, or to raffel in fundraisers.
The Reflekt Polarized sunglasses are the best I have ever owned. They were tested under physically demanding surf school conditions and were undestructable. The glass stays clear and unschratched regardless of use. Their price is also very reasonable. Surf instructor Phil "Puddy" Albright has developed a leash specifically for instructors giving lessons. This patent pending leash eliminates the long loose cord by replacing it with a non-stretchable but just as long wound cord. Instructors are better protected against having their thumb stretched by a leash during push offs.